Jayan Gopinathan is genuinely passionate about Carnatic music. His ardent pursuit of this passion has led to the evolution of a truly soulful Carnatic musician, leaving behind a medical background from Australia to be immersed in music full time. He is now based in Chennai, India, the home of Carnatic music.

Jayan’s mesmerizing voice expresses a perfect balance of power and beauty, and never ceases to enthrall audiences worldwide, including devoted and knowledgeable ‘rasikas’ as well as new comers and younger audiences. His mastery over ‘ragam’ and ‘layam’ are fully revealed with his advanced vocal techniques, making him one of the excelling young artistes to watch out for.

His sublime performances are characterised by his own distinct style, with highly traditional delivery and authentic renditions of ‘krithis’ and all other compositions. His extensive handling of ‘manodharma’ is spontaneous, creative and exciting, from stirring ‘alapanas’, to spellbinding ‘niraval’ and ‘kalpanaswaras’.

His stage presence exudes pure confidence in music, supplemented with respectful humility toward the art form. Through his dedication and rigorous, consistent training, his rise through the world of Carnatic music is absolutely inevitable.

Upcoming Concerts



Chidambaram Concert

Concert at Chidambaram with maestros Sri Vittal Ramamurthy and Sri Narayanan Neyveli, with Sri Sunilkumar on ghanjira